Nathaniel Haefner

Nathaniel Haefner

Nathaniel is the lead designer at nibl. He is responsible for the design, branding, and functionality of nibl.

User Engagement vs Product Complexity


Creating a meaningful product has to reinforce a goal or task that the user is trying to accomplish. For nibl, that means selling digital files in an easy way. Besides ease of use, creating or establishing an emotional connection with a user keeps those users coming back to use a product again and again.

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Selling & the Social Media Honeycomb

Honey Bees

When designing nibl, I wanted to let users easily utilize their own social media connections to further develop the impact of selling their music, photos, videos, files, links, code, whatever on nibl. Anything you want to sell on nibl can be shared through social media. But, just letting you share to the most popular sites wasn’t good enough, and I really wanted to find out which social media sites are the best to share your content. So I took inventory of many social sites and analyzed their features to determine which sites will help effectively get your content noticed.

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Price Anchoring and Buyer Motivation

Spotlight Price Anchoring

Price anchoring has its name for a reason. Prices, too, are a heavy, clingy burden to lift out of sandy depths. It is an interesting phenomenon that affects the perceived value of anything you want to sell, no matter what the item or how awesome it is.

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