Support Great Content With More Than Just ‘Likes’

Support Great Content with More than Just ‘Likes’

With nibl™, you can make sure the content creators you love get compensated for their great work.

The coffee shop you love. Your favorite waiter at the café down the street. Your best friend’s band. In the physical world, it’s easy to show your appreciation for these people and places, and to let them know that you want to support their endeavors.

But how can you support the cartoonist from Seattle who cracks you up, the political blogger from D.C. who keeps you informed, the healthy eating guru from San Francisco whose recipes you try weekly, or the photographer from Austin who takes those great sunset pictures? How do you let the writers of your tiny hometown paper know that their local reporting keeps you involved in the community even though you’ve moved to the big city?

nibl lets you support and reward your favorite content across all disciplines anywhere on the Web. By leaving them as little as a penny per post, photo or article, you can let those content creators know that you really love what they are doing. More love means more money, which means more time for them to keep churning out new recipes, or blogs, or comics, or songs, or articles, or… well, you get the picture.