Aug 20, 2014 0 Comments

New Feature: Requests


With so many stock photography, stock clips, stock anything sites doing their best to give you the content you want, an unfortunate gap has been created. Seeing tons of images and videos that are almost what you need can be a bit frustrating, especially when you realize you have been sifting through page after page for hours. For many people looking for content, there is still the need for something that reaches a little bit further, something custom and timely. The main problem with stock sites is that all the content is pre-made in hopes that it will suit your needs.

Our newest feature, Requests, is the solution to stale content that doesn’t quite suit your needs. Requests allows for users to add items to a list of content they would like to buy on nibl and lets anyone respond with a custom upload to match. Here’s how it works:

Create a Request

After logging in to nibl, navigate to the main Requests page (you can also find the tab on the Uploads page). Then simply choose to Create a Request. You will now be ready to enter the details of your request, and the more detailed you can be, the better the responses will be.

In the Create a Request options you can add everything a user will need to know to fulfill your request.

  1. Content Category – This will help users know what kind of content you are looking for be it music, photos, etc.
  2. Title – This is the name of your request, so people can find it in the requests list. Users do not have to upload responses with the same title.
  3. Description – This is your chance to explain everything. The more you put here, the better another user will understand your needs.
  4. Preferred Price – This optional setting gives the responding users a sense of how much you are willing to pay for their work. Leaving it blank means you are open to responses at any price point. Be careful with this option because requesting too little of a price can cause users to not respond at all. Try to pick a fair price or leave it blank.
  5. Tags – Adding tags will help other users find your request when searching the requests list. They can be simple and help to describe what you are looking for at a glance.

Respond a Request

If you see a request that you may be able to fulfill, simply click on the title of the request from the list, which will take you to a dedicated page. Here you will be able to see all the details of the request as well as any other responses other users have added. In order to respond, just choose the Respond button below the title and you will be prompted to perform an upload, just like on the uploads page. The only difference here is that the upload will be associated with this request and will be added to the responses section.

One important feature we wanted to include is a sense of competition, but not a winner take all solution. Every response to a request will show up in the Marketplace just like a normal upload, so any user can still buy the content. In fact, any user can buy the responses from any other user’s request. This way, users responding to requests can compete for purchases on quality and price but not go completely unrewarded for their efforts.

Watch a Reqeust

Another option is to simply watch a request. This button will let you receive email notifications when people upload content for the request. You are not limited to watching your own responses, which lets you track content for people with a similar request. Our aim for this feature is to hopefully deter multiple and duplicate requests.

Ask and Receive

When designing this feature, we really wanted to make it easy for people to both request items to be added to the Marketplace and respond to those requests. This way, users can ask for content they really want to buy, and sellers can start creating things that people really want. Too often have I scoured the pages of stock sites looking for what I wanted only finding things that are just shy of my vision. And the flip side, too often I find tons of content that has not been purchased since it is too generic. So asking for specific content will hopefully cut down on the time spent looking for stuff that kind of works as well as cut down on the time spent making stuff that kinda sells.

So don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you are looking for, because the whole Marketplace will benefit and the gap in requested content will be filled.