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Optimal Sharing Times


Sharing on social media is a great way to get the word out on your new products. However, sharing on the right day (or right time of day) can get more results for your shares. First, if you have not had a chance to read my post, Sharing and the Social Media Honeycomb, do so now. This post is a bit of an extension of that, but gets into the when rather than the why. It is also important to note that your audience may not fall into the normal sharing times. It is always best to find out when your demographic interacts with your content on social media.

Okay, now for the optimal sharing times packaged in a tidy little table:


optimal sharing times and days with peak days


Most sharing to Facebook, happens in the morning, before people get to work. Consequently, clicking shared links tends to dominate in the afternoon hours just before people leave work. Thursdays seem to be when most people are engaging with content on Facebook, but the rest of the weekdays are just as good. Aiming more for the afternoon instead of the morning should give you a few more clicks. Some of the worst times to share on Facebook are after 8pm and on weekends.


Twitter is very similar to Facebook, but leans a little more toward the weekend and just slightly earlier in the afternoon. Twitter also has the smallest window for sharing times, since its timeline format will quickly push content well below the eyeballs of most people scrolling from the top. Fridays are optimal for sharing on Twitter, but Saturdays are almost as good for some demographics. Avoid sharing on Twitter in the evening as well.


Google+ tends to focus on a more business side of social media. Many small businesses use Google for their documents, email, and all sorts of stuff, so optimal sharing times are during the start of the workday. Wednesdays are peak for Google+ with the peak leaning slightly closer to lunch time.


LinkedIn follows the work week very closely. Users will read and interact with your shares during the work day, but slightly less so on Mondays and Fridays. Avoid posting things to LinkedIn outside of business hours, since people often use it while at work.


Pinterest users have a tendency to scroll their feeds on weekends and in the evenings. The most activity occurs in the evening hours when pinners both share and click content as a way to take a break from the work week. Saturdays and middle of the week evenings often give people more free time to leisurely use Pinterest, so try to share content then. Avoid adding things to Pinterest too early in the day, and some weekdays are dicey.


Tumblr is apparently checked in the evenings and also on weekends by many people. The peak days are Sunday and Tuesday. Refrain from posting content to your Tumblr on any day before 4PM.

Timing isn’t everything

If the peak times don’t work well for your specific content, then think about your own behaviors and habits on social networks. If you are most likely to read content when do you have breaks at work, watching TV at night, or right when you wake up in the morning, chances are, your audience’s behavior may not be too different from your own. Your instincts may yield some surprising results.