Maximize Your Revenue with nibl Management Tools

Maximize Your Revenue with nibl™,
Management Tools

nibl™ makes managing your content and pricing easy by providing actionable real-time sales insight right on your website.

Are you earning all you can from your content?  Is the price too high or too low? Would this particular item sell better as part of a bundle or by itself? nibl provides the insight you need to make these decisions in real time.

Log in to your nibl account from your own Web site to see performance information overlaid directly on the pages where your customers are buying. If you don’t like what you see, change it right there.

Selling less than you expected? Maybe this content is worth more than the current price. Reset the price on the fly to optimize your sales.

Maybe you need to see the bigger picture. Just log in at to see how today’s sales compare to historical sales or how one piece of content is performing relative to other content you have for sale.

nibl provides the tools you need to maximize revenue. With nibl, you can see in real time what content is most effective, who your best customers are, and exactly how much money you’re earning.