Subscriptions, a la Carte, Both?

Subscriptions, a la Carte, Both?

nibl™ lets you sell your digital content in ways you’ve never imagined.  Sell your content a la carte for a few cents or a few dollars. Let your customers buy a day pass, a month-long subscription, or one-time access. It’s simple and secure.

Subscription-based content services have steadily become more common on the Web, but what if subscriptions are turning away your potential customers? Maybe you want to sell your content a la carte, but what if the right price point is just a few cents?

nibl gives you new ways to sell your premium content for as little as a penny per piece.  Consumers will buy your content, even if you’ve been offering it for free, if the price is low enough and the transaction is easy, safe and secure.

Still think subscriptions are the best path for you? No problem. Consumers can use their nibl account to subscribe to some or all of your content for an hour, a day, a week, a month or any other length of time. nibl’s subscription services will provide you with the recurring income you need and your customers with the value they expect.

Now let’s suppose you want to sell your content by subscription but occasionally provide your customers with premium content a la carte.  Maybe you offer subscriptions, but occasional visitors just want a taste of what you have to offer and aren’t ready to make a long-term commitment to your site.  nibl lets you offer both subscription-based services and one-time sales.

With nibl, you can sell premium content to your regular visitors and anyone who stumbles onto your site. You can even accept tips and collect charitable donations — all through the same easy payment system. You’ll take care of your existing customers, find new customers, and watch your revenues grow!