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Social Transformation


It has been a few months since the last post, but this one comes with the announcement of exciting new features and the biggest change to nibl we have ever released. The site has been redesigned with a whole new architecture, allowing nibl to update instantly across all devices. This will allow you to see your friends posts appear as soon as they post them and communicate instantly with live commenting, ratings, and sharing. Wait, hold on a second…did I not mention that nibl now has status posts, comments, friends, followers, likes (and dislikes), improved uploading, selling, and customization? Oh, well you are in for a taste of something new. Like I said, this is the biggest change to nibl we have ever released.

Social & Selling

There are a ton of social sites out there (Facebook, I think is one) that have the social aspect of the web locked down. Social sites keep coming out with great new features and new ways for you to interact with people and pictures of their pets. But as much as users put into social networks, it is far less frequent that the social networks give something back to their users. The goal of the new release of nibl is to empower our users with the social aspects of the web, but seamlessly integrate it into our powerful selling platform. Now selling a product or any digital content is just as simple as updating your status. In fact, we created a feed where users not only see posts of images, songs, and videos by their friends and people they follow, but also get to see all the great stuff people have created to sell on nibl. And with comments right on the products, buyers and sellers can engage in a discussion about the product right away.

Profile Anonymity

One thing that often comes with social media sites is a lack of privacy and anonymity. However, nibl takes a simple approach to keeping you secure when buying and selling, posting and commenting. When you create your profile or when you create a new account, we ask for your full name, first and last. Instead of plastering your name on everything you do on the site, we protect your identity by only letting those who you become friends with know your full name. Everyone else just sees your first name. Of course you can upload a profile picture so your friends can easily figure out which Nathaniel is which.

Also, just like before, things you upload (and now post) to nibl can be made private and only seen by you. Additionally, you can easily share posts and products to just your friends, fans and followers, or with the whole world – it’s up to you.

A Whole New Marketplace

Included in the new version of nibl is a new marketplace that makes it even easier to find amazing content. We have included dozens of new categories for you to organize your content and will include even more as new categories unfold. Each category is much more specific than the original design, so you get things like Albums, Podcasts, Music, and Sounds instead of just a mess of “audio”, and “images” are broken down into Graphics, Animations, Photography, 3D Models, and Templates. This makes it much easier to find the exact thing you want and may even give you some ideas of what to create and sell.

The Marketplace also includes more information about each item for sale, such as ratings and file details, so you can be confident that the product you are getting is exactly what you want. And you can also leave comments to ask the seller questions.

Customization & Organization

Previously, each nibl user had a single store to upload their content to and share, and all you could do was give it a name. The whole store concept has been redesigned to include multiple stores so sellers can organize their products into groups or catalogs. You can include any number of items in a store of any kind, so create and organize to fit your audience. Stores can also be further customized with a description, cover photo, unique posts and announcements, and can be followed just like a user, so nobody will miss a single release.

New Features by You

One thing we also wanted to do is open up the discussion of new features to our users. After all, it is you who will be using nibl to all it’s potential, and we want you to be able to mold it into the tool you want it to be. So for our last feature of the new design, we have created a forum for any user to suggest a new feature or vote on new features requested by fellow users. We will actively take part in the discussion so you will know when we plan to get your ideas and improvements built into nibl for everyone to use and enjoy.

It has been a big few months for nibl, and we hope you find all the new features just a amazing and useful as set out to make them.